Thursday, 20 June 2013

How to be happy :-)

Being happy - and I mean truly happy - is something that everyone wants, no matter what they say. So here are my tips that I have learned, to make you feel really happy no matter what else is going on in your life. 

  1. Think about everything good in your life. So, you might be feeling a little bit down for no reason or something might have happened to make you feel bad. Either way there is going to be something good that is still there. Whether it's your friends who are there supporting you, making you laugh, a boyfriend or girlfriend telling you that you're beautiful and that they love you, family members being there for you no matter what, even a pet who knows you're upset and decides to cuddle up to you (this is what my cat does). Just concentrate on the amazing times that you have had with these people. Look through old Facebook pictures or read through old texts that made you laugh, and hopefully you'll forget about what was upsetting you.
  2. 'Be an Optimus Prime not a Negatron'. Okay, I saw a picture saying this, and I know it's stupid, but it makes me laugh and the point still stands. I know it's hard when you're sad, but I have learned that when I look at the positives of everything, you start to feel better. An example of this you ask? Well, when we were coming home from a school trip to Germany and Poland, the tyre of the coach decided to blow up. It terrified all of us, and we were stuck on the hard shoulder for about an hour. Even though this meant that we weren't going to be home for another two hours (we had been on the coach for about 26 hours at this point), I just looked at the positives, because it could have SO easily have been an accident. But it wasn't, so I was happy. The trick to being happy is to look at the bright side. If something has happened, it could almost always be worse, so just be grateful that it's not!
  3. Eat well. I know this sounds bizarre and one of these things that you'd find in an article in a magazine telling you how to be happy, but seriously it is true. Most people reach out for the ice cream, chocolate, and (in my case) Pringles. I'm not going to lie, yes it does make you feel better in the short-term, but over a period of time, it won't help you at all. Actually, it will make you feel worse because you're eating nothing good for you. I would advise to eat normally - but feel free to have the extra chocolate bar here and there - and make sure you drink water! Water is awesome for making you feel better, because it clears your system out and makes you feel rather replenished. It also helps your skin too, which is never a bad thing.
  4. Confide in someone. If there is someone who you can talk to about what is bothering you, do. The worst thing that you can ever do is bottle it all up! You'll just get really worked up, more upset and end up taking it out on the people you love, who are only trying to help. Talking to someone can also help, because they might have ideas and opinions that you never thought of, and they might have suggestions that could really help you. Whatever you do, don't keep it all inside. It's never good for you.
  5. Watch stupid films / TV shows. This one is completely optional, but is something that I ALWAYS do. (My favourites when I am feeling sad are Anchorman, Monty Python, Napoleon Dynamite, The Vicar of Dibley, Friends, Father Ted and Black Adder) Watching stupid films or TV shows make you laugh and completely distract you from why you were upset. For me, it's the perfect place to escape from the real world and just get lost in what is happening in front of you. Guaranteed to make you feel better, trust me!
  6. SMILE! This is something that is so hard to do when you're upset, but it is really worth the effort! Some scientist did some research into smiling releasing endorphin's or some chemical stuff (I don't do science anymore, shoot me). Sitting in your room on your own grinning like an idiot WILL make you feel better. Plus there's no one to see you doing it anyway, so what's the harm in trying?! 
So there is a few of my tips to cheer yourself up. :-) I hope it works, and I will admit I do feel better just writing this, possibly because I am now grinning like the Cheshire Cat, but it's proof right there that it works! Thanks for reading, leave me a comment if you have any tips to cheer people up?! 

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