Saturday, 15 June 2013

"wear your heart on your skin in this life"

So recently, people have been raving about tattoos. Quite frankly, they're something that people are always raving about, because they're a pretty big deal. Some people like them, some people don't, it's as simple as that really. But if people want to mark their body forever, let them fucking do it. What on earth is the point in complaining about other people's tattoos just because you don't like them? 

Personally, I'm one of the tattoo supporters. I think they're amazing, and I've wanted some ever since I was little. As yet, there are three that I want, and every single one means a lot to me. I know that sounds really stupid, but I mean it. I'd never get a tattoo that didn't mean anything, but that's just my choice. 

  • Ok so tattoo number one, I want a tattoo on the side of my right foot saying 'have faith in me'. All my life, I've been told to keep the faith, and that if I don't have faith in my life, then no one else will. My entire family have always been there telling me to keep my faith, and if you have faith, you can achieve anything in life. When I was fourteen, I started to get into the band A Day To Remember, who have got a song named 'Have Faith in Me' and I fell in love with it instantly. It fit the situation I was in at the time perfectly, and it meant so much to me. I then spoke to my mum about it (who is quite old fashioned) and she loved the idea just as much as me. She said that it could mean that I'm telling other people to have faith in me, or just reassuring myself. I basically want it to look like this, but I think I want it all lowercase...
  • Tattoo number two is something that I only discovered last year. I've loved music my entire life, and most of my family are also really musical. I played the clarinet when I was younger, and have now been playing the drums for six years. I also love singing and writing my own material (even though it is pretty naff). When I used to be in the band, Monday nights were the highlight of my week. I pretty much lived for Rock School because that's all I cared about. It's everything that got my through and I was so happy to be making music with my best friends that people listened to and enjoyed. So, last year, when I went to Brighton with Phil, we were on the pier and I saw a little shop for henna tattoos, so I dragged him in, and I spent like half an hour looking for one. Then Phil spotted one of a love heart made from a treble clef and a bass clef and said it was beautiful. The second I saw it, I fell in love. It was wayyyy more expensive than all the others but I didn't care I got it, and I loved it. I didn't put my ankle away for the whole time it stayed on for. The place I had it is where I want a proper one doing (on my left ankle)
  • On to tattoo number three... I've always had a thing about boats. I know it sounds weird, but I've always loved them. I was fascinated by them when I was little. I remember I even made a boat for my barbies out of cardboard... it was so crap but I loved it so much. I go on cruises regularly with my family, and I have had some of the best experiences of my life on cruise ships. I've climbed a glacier in the Norwegian Fjords, been to the Colosseum in Rome, held up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and been to Monte Carlo castle. I am so grateful for every single cruise that I have ever been on, and even thinking about them make me so happy. I have met some amazing friends - some of which I still talk to now. I even had my first kiss on a cruise ship (before you ask, it was exactly like the scene from Titanic)! Because of this, I want an anchor tattoo on my right hip. I just want something simple, not like the ones with roses and wheels entwined into it.
  • As of today, I have also fallen in love with white ink tattoos. I'm not saying I want a white ink one - as yet I am undecided, but I really want to share this one with you because it is possibly the most beautiful tattoo I have seen in all of my life, and I am simply in love with it... (it says 'everything had beauty, but not everyone can see it', sorry it's not a very good quality photo)

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