Friday, 26 July 2013

Chris Moyles, eat your heart out

Hello again,  I am awfully sorry about the lack of posts recently... I don't really have an excuse :(

I've had a pretty interesting week anyway. On Wednesday, I had an interview for Ashby Radio. I felt so cool and grown up having an interview in Costa ;) Anyway, that went okay and I was invited back to an audition this morning. So this morning, I got myself down to Ashby and to the studio,  which is SO cool but that can wait for another time.

I did my audition and I thought it went okay but I was up against people who had fifteen years experience so I just thought I had no chance so I just got on with my day. Then I got a call when I was sunbathing...

It was Murrae and he asked me to co-host the breakfast show with him from the 12th (I'm on holiday for the launch next Sunday)!

So there we go... happy happy happy Beth! I am so excited to be working in a radio station and it will be amazing experience for me! Plus I am now an official celebrity.  ;)

As soon as I start I will give you more information but you better all tune in to listen! 

I promise to write something new for me you before I go to Wales with Jake on the 3rd so keep a look out and I'll see you soon!


  1. It's an internet one :') ... but it's not launching until the 4th and I won't be on until the 12th :')



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