Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Meat-eater... how bad can it be?

I'm going to go ahead and apologise in advance for this blog - it is a slight ranty blog (if you don't like rants, you be best to just leave now)

I'm going to make the assumption that everyone here knows a vegetarian. It's a pretty standard thing nowadays to be or know a vegetarian. Don't get me wrong, the vast majority of veggies and vegans are fine - it's just the ones that thing it's their mission to convert you and call you a 'murderer' for not following the same life choice as them. This makes me extremely angry.

If you choose eat meat, fine. If you choose not to eat meat, that is also fine. Why on Earth do people feel the need to recruit people to their ideological side all the time? I don't go around to veggies saying 'oh my gosh why are u not eating meat? It's good 4 u lol', so why can they do the same to me? Everyone in the world has different opinions - if we didn't, we would just all be robots and I ain't too keen on being a robot, don't know about you...

Another thing that really grinds my gears is that they find the most shocking, inhumane pictures and videos they can find (that really are on the fringe of the reality of animal slaughter) and try to convince you that this happens to every single animal. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE! If you want to know anything more about what happens 99.9% of the time - admittedly that is only this country I am considering here - then have a look on the Humane Slaughter Association's website. If offers tonnes of information for those of you who are concerned about the wellbeing of animals. Even I have to admit, I wasn't too fond on the name with the use of 'slaughter', but upon further investigation, I discovered that the official dictionary definition of the word is this...
 'The killing of animals especially for food'
All of the connotations of the word, such as violence, carnage, chaos, bloodbath, are only used when talking about a slaughter of human beings. It seems the word has an entirely different meaning when used about humans. When talking about slaughtering an animal, you think of an abattoir, where an animal is usually stunned, so that they cannot feel pain and then killed for its meat. However, when talking about slaughtering people, you immediately imagine thousands of innocent people being brutally murdered by a huge group of savage killers who have no legitimate reasons for their actions.

At the end of the day, eating meat is something that humans have done for thousands and thousands of years, and it is how we have managed to evolve and create all of these fantastic things, such as computers, satellites and electricity. I, personally, am just grateful that now we have more humane ways to kill animals (the old stunning and the bolt in the head quick death method) than we used to use, where we would just fling an arrow at an animal and hope it killed it; if not it would just have to chill there bleeding to death - not exactly the best way to go.

Finally, (yes, I'm finally at the last point hooray) many of the people who see it as their personal mission to convert as many evil meat-eaters as possible will often be found wearing Topshop, Primark and Converse - all of which use sweatshops. Now, tell me how somebody can be so against the killing of animals for food and survival, but be completely fine with the extreme labour that adults and children in LEDCs have to go through on a daily basis? Seems a little like double standards to me. In Nicaragua, 45.1% of the entire population have to live on the equivalent of under $1 a day. This means that many of these will have to work in sweatshops, in appalling, cramped conditions for 18 hours a day, in some cases. Anyone remember last year when the Savar building collapsed in Bangladesh? Well, that was a sweatshop. A sweatshop where 1,129 people died, and more than 2,500 were seriously injured. The building employed around 5,000 people and manufactured apparel for brands varying from Mango to Bon Marche, and Benetton to Primark.

So there we go, they are MY PERSONAL opinions and if you don't like them... well that's a shame isn't it, because there's nothing you can do to change them :-)

Keep watching out on my blog for new topics, and new posts will be coming very shortly! (I mean it this time)

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