Sunday, 8 March 2015

How important is politics, really?

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You think the minimum wage should be increased? Politicians decide. You think more should be done against ISIS? Politicians decide. You want banks to be open on a Sunday? Heck, politicians even decide that too.

Anybody who knows me knows I am a tiny bit of a politics geek, which I think is totally fine and if anything is pretty useful for me , considering I want to explore a career in journalism.

Being the geek I am, when the time came round to choose my options for what I wanted to study at A-Level, Government and Politics was pretty high on my agenda. I went to a few open days, where I was repeatedly shown a video called 'If you don't do politics...' showing how politics pops up everywhere in everyday life and is completely unavoidable.

It was then that I realised that it really everywhere I looked. I was looking at things in a whole different light - every time I found myself moaning about what time the shops shut on a Sunday, or how much of my measly wage packet was being taken away by the tax man, I realised it was all politics.

Many students fall into the trap of thinking that politics doesn't affect them and it's just about old people getting their free bus passes, but they really could not be more wrong...
Politics dictates how much your tuition costs. Politics dictates how much you're going to pay for a loaf of bread. Politics will decide what jobs are available for you after you finally finish the dreaded dissertation. Politics decides whether we live in peace or war.

There is only one way to change the things that people moan about on a daily basis, and that is to realise the importance of politics and to get involved in it.

Whether you get involved in politics just by voting, or taking it a step further and joining a political party, maybe even standing to become an MP someday.

Politics gives you the power to change things, you'd be pretty stupid if you didn't grasp it with both hands. 

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