Saturday, 23 January 2016

BlueInc-Gate pt 1

Before I start, I know that this is my first blog in a long long time and so for that I apologise, but there will be another blog explaining that soon.

So, anyone who has been in a 50km radius of me this week is aware that I was made redundant by the clothes company Blue Inc (run by A Levy and Sons). There's been outrage all over the country about the way employees have been treated (which I agree is awful, but again: another blog).

However, there has been quite a lot of confusion about the administrative side and what is actually going on. I've seen a lot of calls to boycott Blue Inc stores, which I initially agreed with, but only because I didn't understand.

So I've now got a brief idea of it all and want to share it to help others understand.

So firstly, Blue Inc WAS owned by A Levy and Sons until 14th January 2016 (according to government sources). It was then sold to another - completely separate company.

This is why Blue Inc is still trading as technically it is a completely different company. It's also why current employees have received their wages while redundant staff have not.

Redundant staff will not be getting paid because A Levy and Son can't afford to pay their wages.

SO the company everyone hates is A Levy and Son, not actually Blue Inc.

BUT I did come accross some certain information on the Compamies House website that makes this situation much more complicated.

I need to do a little more investigating before I divulge the rest of the information. I'll be back soon with a new blog to explain the FULL story and I'll hopefully talk to some people who have been affected.

The plot thickens...

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